Grand plans may feel grand, but if they aren’t sustainable, they aren’t always so grand.

I used to love making grand plans for ‘tomorrow’ and supposedly, days to come.  “Tomorrow, I’ll start waking up at 5:00 A.M., working out non-stop for an hour, eating 10 servings of vegetables every day, calling three of my family members/friends, being ultra-prepared for work (where I’ll arrive early so that I can meditate before starting), being caught up on email and all other correspondence, keeping the house decluttered”, blah, blah, blah…I’m tired just from writing this, and it’s far from being all that I would like to do in a day.  I have learned that the value of these grand plans has been in the negative realm.  Making such plans is a setup for failure.

I have done much better in life since focusing less on grandiose thinking and more on what I can truly, reasonably do from day to day.  It’s somewhat enjoyable to fantasize about being an ultra-disciplined, super-productive person, but it’s just not me.  I am disciplined and productive enough to function in life, but I also highly value experiences that have nothing to do with discipline or productivity.

When we engage in activities or a lifestyle that are not/is not sustainable for any reason, it can create some discomfort.  We know we shouldn’t or can’t continue, and this is internally disruptive.  Who has the time and energy for internal disruption?  Creating sustainable habits is a way of simplifying life.  If habits are sustainable, they are doable, and if they are doable, they can be done.  If they can be done, stress decreases because one is not trying to do the impossible.

What is working for you?  What isn’t working?  What activity could you decrease or increase for your own benefit?  What changes can you make?  That can last?

If you wonder whether you’re living the life you want, it probably means that you could do a better job of living the life you want.  Couldn’t we all?  Many of us “know” what to do to live a good life, but DO we?  Minutes are ticking.  How many remain?

The hero who can swoop in to rescue your life is you.  If you want to make changes, make changes of which you are capable.  If you sustain small changes, those changes can grow over time to help you create experiences that you want to have in life.  Haven’t we all said to ourselves and others, “Baby steps.”?  You read all of this when I could have simply written those two words!  Sigh-.

Figuring out what is most important to us- there is a different challenge.  For now, I’m going for the consistency of sustainability.  I can grow and improve my life from there.