bad mood on Good Friday

That’s where overwork will land you- in a bad mood.  It’s my new challenge, dealing with a full work schedule.  Enjoying life is not what I have been doing.  So, back to thoughts and actions to help myself create moments where I am savoring life instead of sleep.

Thoughts go to a particular friend of mine who works very darned hard, pretty much all the time.  There is a voice in my head that wants to put myself down for not being as tough as she is.  I should be able to handle a full schedule and still feel happy at least sometimes, like she does.

Can I possibly accept myself in this moment as I am?  Can I accept my limitations and the weaknesses that woke up with me and made me grouchy with my first waking breath?  Can I only think about what I am doing, how I am living, and make decisions to help myself?

Don’t ‘they’ say that if you can conceive it, you can achieve it?

With that thought in mind, there are obligations I must fulfill today, but at least, among them, there will be consideration of myself.  I am a worthwhile consideration.  After all, if I fall apart, what can I accomplish?  Or enjoy?