Allow random, tiny boosts to make you happy

If insignificant annoyances can make us more unhappy than they should, then why not mentally multiply the little positives that come our way? A couple months ago, a motorcyclist in a wildly-patterned riding suit that reminded me of a tiger eating flaming Doritos pulled up next to me as I drove to work. His face was hidden by a darkly tinted visor but he turned his head toward me, I turned to him and gave a little smile (who could help it, given what he was wearing?), and he nodded “hello”. Simple, quick, nothing life-changing; just a peaceful interaction between two strangers that made us both feel not ignored in the world for that second. It gave my mood a boost that day, and it even makes me smile to think about it now.

Today, Don Charisma started “following” my blog. Precious few follow my blog. What Don Charisma doesn’t know is that just this morning, I told my husband that I wanted and needed to get back to my blog because it truly does help me enjoylifedarnit. Hours later, Don Charisma of the earth randomly swooped in to say that he saw my blog, which feels like an approval of my “get back to it” thoughts…and I’m going to let that make me happy!


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