Be wisely self-centered

How tempting is it, when one is not feeling thrilled with one’s own life, to involve oneself in thoughts of others’ lives?  Is this not one reason for the success of People magazine?  Perhaps I would do better to pick up People rather than using the people in my life to distract myself from my own life.

Perhaps I would do even better doing better in my life, focusing my time and energy on developing my strengths, feeding my healthy obsessions, and moment by moment, creating what I consider to be a satisfying and enjoyable life.  This is a deliberate and brave process, particularly when one’s life is unfolding differently than had been planned, differently than most people in one’s life.  It requires a tremendous amount of reflection that cannot be accomplished by perusing People or people.

There was a time in my life when I was in decent shape.  The cellulite and disproportionally large upper arms were still there, but I was eating healthier and exercising more regularly than I ever had.  At that time, I felt like I was in the best shape possible for what I was willing to do.  This gave me a glimpse at the benefits and psychological comfort of truly being my best.  I noticed that I wasn’t comparing myself to other women or feeling as bad about not being pysically “perfect”.  Putting forth my best efforts gave me peace.

Isn’t it the same for life in general?  Living one’s authentic best can minimize the importance of what others are doing and accomplishing in their lives.  Our consciences nag us through the discomfort that we feel when comparing ourselves with others.  If there is discomfort, it is communication from deep within to reprioritize and make changes in our lives.

I am going to adopt wise self-centeredness (which inspires me to strive for MY best) as opposed to silly self-centeredness (which inspires me to think of myself as the center of the universe).


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