Sometimes recycling is not the best option

Paper and plastics only, along with thoughts worth reviewing.

Paper and plastics, along with thoughts worth reviewing.

Friends have made fun of me for years because I am such a recycler.  No piece of paper, plastic, or glass is too insignificant for me to put in the blue bin.  Yes, it should be a green bin, but that is for the yard waste in our town.  Recycling is a mental relief for this gal who was worried about the amount of trash in the world as a small child, but I have realized that I have been doing some very unhealthy recycling.

Too often, I review memories of myself behaving foolishly.  This is the opposite of a mental relief.  It is a quiet way for me to self-torture.  I must ask myself, as I frequently do, “Would I want my loved ones to do this to themselves?”  No, and in fact, I tend to mentally trash unnecessary memories of others’ foibles.  Shouldn’t I do the same for myself?

It is just dawning on me how self-centered these memory reviews are.  Not only do they feel lousy, but they ARE lousy.  Thinking about my most-enjoyed memories, I am not the star of most of them.  Wow.  Wow!  What an epiphany!

So, instead of habitually pricking my soul by bringing up images of myself doing things I wish I hadn’t, from silly to significant, I want to deliberately shut down those thoughts.  Since the lessons I have learned from my behavior have become a part of who I am, I don’t have to engage in this shame recycling in order to continue making wiser decisions.

The next time I catch myself playing one of these reruns in my head, I am going to hit pause, rip off the image like a piece of paper, and put it in the TRASH.  If I’m going to recycle moments, they might as well be my favorites.

Garbage and self-shaming thoughts HERE.

Garbage and self-shaming thoughts HERE.