Create and use your own mantra library

Although I can appreciate the focus of having a favorite mantra in life, I have found myself using numerous and varied mantras to handle moments that come up.

Tired on a jog:  One more step. *inhale exhale*

Feeling intimidated by the day:  Just keep going. 

Seeing a pregnant woman:  You are classy.  Head up and smile.

Overwhelmed in the middle of a project:  It’s okay.  Do a little more.

In the presence of women clearly more physically attractive than I:  My husband loves and accepts me as I am.

Hearing the pipes connected to our [only] toilet make rather loud noises after flushing:  If the toilet breaks/there is a major plumbing issue, you will survive.

This technique can be used by your best self to encourage your less-than-best self, to help keep perspective, to move slightly more gracefully through awkward mental moments than might have happened without the mantra.

I am lovable even when I am not particularly graceful.