Goodbye, guarantees

Friends, I confess that I have been seduced by guarantees.  I have gotten caught up in wanting and pursuing them.  They are attractive, but it’s time to turn away.

1)  A desire for guarantees is often rooted in disappointment, which also tends to feed sadness, bitterness, even anger.  *Perhaps* this is not a healthy base for a relationship.

2)  Noone gets guarantees.  There may be inequalities among people in life, variations in amounts of disappointment experienced, but everyone has to deal with not getting things they want.

3)  As tempting as it is to fight this fact, if everything in our lives were guaranteed (therefore predictable), our lives would be painfully dull.  Thrill is created by the possibility of more than one outcome.

Even as a downcast soul, I can acknowledge that it is not wise to desire something boring, unattainable, and rooted in disappointment.

I’m thinking there is something rather confining about guarantees.  They are more closed than open, and I like openness.  I like adventure.  I do not enjoy letdowns and their aftermath, but that doesn’t mean I would choose to make my life entirely predictable.

In the absence of guarantees and in the presence of heartbreak, there is love and friendship, there are acts of kindness, there are blessings.  We may have to be deliberate about remembering them, but they are always there.

Guarantees, there are still times I will think I want you, but I will remember that I really don’t.  You are not healthy, available, or exciting.  If I’m choosing disappointment over you, you know you’re no good.


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