Two thoughts about dylexa post post office

Do you know how difficult it was for me to let dylexa be dylexa and not make a clarifying comment about dyslexia?  What if a reader sees dylexa and thinks I made a mistake, or that I don’t know about dyslexia, or I don’t know how to spell dyslexic?  I had to practice feeling that lack of control as that post was out there to be read.

The other note about dylexa is that it’s not just asking for help when we need it, it’s asking the right people for help.  If the woman would have approached another person who did not recognize dylexa and illiterate, or a person truly not equipped to help, or worse, who did not care, she would not have gotten the assistance she needed.  In her position, it was a hit and miss situation; she was forced to simply try and make her request to strangers.  When we are asking for help, usually we know more about who we’re asking.  That helps us request reasonably and intelligently.  If we don’t have it in us to be reasonable or intelligent about asking, at least we can hope that people who love us will pardon us and continue to love us anyway.


2 thoughts on “Two thoughts about dylexa post post office

  1. The story is infinitely better having left it dylexa, even though it was harder to write it that way. And I’m sure she has no idea that you are perhaps one of the best people on earth she could have asked. As one who asks you for help a lot, I am grateful to you. I bet she was, too.

    • Thank you! I think you’re so amazing that you could have had them both reading and writing before they left the post office. Okay, we both know better, but that’s still how well I think of you.

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