Surviving dark, dark days

Lately there have been some days that have felt like, if my life were represented by an image on a piece of paper, it would just be an angry, soaking mess of way too much black ink.  Yes, yes, there are always things to be grateful for but sometimes one just feel so much pain that one’s access to joy is extremely limited.

These are my survival tips:

  • Keep breathing.
  • Drastically lower your expectations of yourself in terms of what you’re able to accomplish.
  • Do what it takes to keep yourself from doing harm to yourself or others.

Yup, that’s about it.

Why bother surviving the inky days?  Because not all of them are.





2 thoughts on “Surviving dark, dark days

  1. Simple and oh so true…being grateful for what you CAN do versus what you didn’t do help “living in the moment” and not missing out on the process….that damn process 🙂 (are we there yet)

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